We partner with visionary entrepreneurs building companies at the intersection of digital technology and neuroscience -- extending the boundaries of human performance and optimizing how we live, learn, train, work, and experience the world.

Unlocking Human Potential

JAZZ Venture Partners is the leading venture capital firm focused on technologies that extend the boundaries of human performance. We invest in companies at the intersection of digital technology and neuroscience. We are interested in companies that leverage cutting-edge brain science to inform powerful technology platforms that are impacting the human experience, such as virtual and augmented reality, immersive video gaming, artificial intelligence, and closed-loop human-computer systems. Our portfolio companies are unlocking human potential in important markets: health, mind-body wellness, peak mental and physical performance, accelerated learning and training, sports, and entertainment.

The partners are proven investors, entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, and technologists. We have deep domain experience and unparalleled access to innovative companies, talent, and strategic resources. Our multidisciplinary backgrounds allow us to meaningfully support exceptional entrepreneurs and executives in building category-defining companies.


Andrew Firlik
Andrew Firlik General Partner
John F. Harris
John F. Harris General Partner
Zack Lynch
Zack Lynch General Partner
John Spinale
John Spinale General Partner
Adam Gazzaley, M.D., Ph.D.
Adam Gazzaley Chief Scientist


  • Limbix
  • Level EX
  • Eyefluence
  • Pear
  • Akili
  • Halo
  • Two Bit Circus
  • Limbix
    Limbix develops technologies to enhance human performance across the spectrum from helping with disabilities to unlocking new capabilities. Limbix's virtual reality experiences treat a wide range of mental health conditions and optimize brain health.
  • Level EX
    Level EX is bringing state-of-the-art visual effects and engagement philosophies from the gaming industry into the field of medicine. The company unites experts in game development with top surgeons, creating ultra-realistic virtual surgery mobile apps that allow physicians to master minimally invasive procedures in their specialty.
  • Eyefluence
    ACQUIRED BY GOOGLE. Eyefluence has created the world’s first eye-interaction solution for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality devices. A quantum leap forward, the Eyefluence iUi™ synchronizes neuroscience and technology to deliver the preeminent vision-driven user interface for head-mounted displays (HMDs) -- with the power and speed to transform human performance in our interactions with technology, information, and each other.
  • Pear
    Pear Therapeutics is pioneering the development of software and virtual reality solutions that improve human performance in those suffering from neurological disorders -- clinically-validated, FDA approved digital therapeutics that are ‘paired’ with specific pharmaceuticals to create new combination paradigms that allow individuals with brain-related impairments to reach their full potential.
  • Akili
    Akili Interactive develops scientifically validated, immersive, and entertaining videogames designed to improve mental capabilities across several dimensions – from those suffering from health conditions such as ADHD and memory decline to enabling normal individuals to achieve peak cognitive performance.
  • Halo
    Halo Neuroscience is developing a novel and powerful neuroscience-based technology for improving motor and cognitive capabilities. Halo’s wearable platform is designed for use across the professional and consumer spectrum, from elite athletes and soldiers seeking ultimate performance to unlocking the full potential of individuals to learn new skills and knowledge.
  • Two Bit Circus
    Two Bit Circus is an experiential entertainment technology company that stimulates the sensorium, challenges the mind, and unlocks our potential to enjoy ourselves and each other in amazing new ways. Two Bit infuses physical locations with cutting edge digital technologies to create immersive, social, fun, and memorable experiences.


  • Neuroscape

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  • The Neuro Revolution

    How Brain Science Is Changing Our World Neurotechnology---brain imaging and other new tools for both understanding and influencing our brains---is accelerating the pace of change almost everywhere, from financial markets to law...
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    Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World Most of us will freely admit that we are obsessed with our devices. We pride ourselves on our ability to multitask -- read work email, reply to a text, check Facebook, watch a video clip. Talk on...
  • Xtech Expo

    Experiential Technology or “XTech” is technology that directly influences the human experience. XTech products combine digital technology with advances in neuroscience to improve...

  • The Brain

    The Story of You Locked in the silence and darkness of your skull, your brain fashions the rich narratives of your reality and your identity. Join renowned neuroscientist and JAZZ Venture Partners advisor David...


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